“I would like to thank you for making my first cruise and first event on a ship a wonderful experience!  I cannot imagine the work involved or the frustration of trying to please so many people.  You did a wonderful job with much grace.  You helped make the trip a memory I will treasure forever.  To think we had the whole ship!  That was incredible. Thank you again for all you did.” –  Rebecca Arndt, Sandy, Utah

“Let me say how much I enjoy your events.  It makes my heart and soul sing to meet so many new friends. You have taken me to places I had only dreamed about going to and never thought I would.  I feel so very safe with your attention to the details (especially me traveling alone) and thanks to you for all the work it takes to carry this off.  You are an inspiration. I LIVED IT WITH LIFE JOURNEYS!” – Elizabeth Hunt, West End, North Carolina

“Thanks again for a wonderfully organized event and sensational experience.  Everything went perfect for us…flight, cruise and most of all, the company of very warm and caring folks.  Thanks again for all you did to make the trip very special.”  –  Miriam Neeson,   Roswell, Georgia

“It was a pleasure meeting you, and I want to thank you personally for putting together such an incredible conference.  I know this is not easy, with so many people of different ideas and expectations.  It was a totally uplifting experience.  Please continue to put these types of events together!” – Fay Gray, London, England

“Absolutely fabulous cruise that was to Tahiti with Brian and James.  I appreciate all the personal attention from you in preparation.  Your shepherding was flawless.  I would be very interested in any future events that you may have.”  –  Tish Lister, Annadale, Virginia

“Thank you very much for your hard work to make the event happen.  Because of your efforts many of us had such a wonderful learning opportunity.  You were not under the limelight, but your love and compassion were recognized by many of us.”  – Chisato Igaue, Tampa, Florida

“The trip was very worthwhile and you are to be congratulated on the smoothness and promptness you handled all organizational matters and challenges.” – Wanda Mosbacker, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Fantastic, Rewarding, Exceeded my expectations!!  Thanks for helping to make this remarkable experience happen.  We had a wonderful time.”  – Edalee Handley, Del Valle, Texas

“Just wanted to say you did a great job with the “Enlightenment” cruise.  It must have taken an incredible amount of work and coordination.” – Jane Burroughs, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

“Thank you for making this an experience of a lifetime!”  – Betty Hutchinson, Sydney, Australia

“Your kindness and thoughtfulness meant more to me than you will ever know.  Thanks a million for an incredible retreat.” – Murri Hiedel, Reedsport, Oregon

“We want you to know what a fantastic job you did organizing the Abraham-Hicks Well Being event. It was a major highlight of our life time. The experience could not have turned out as well as it did if you had not enjoyed what you do.  We could see the vast detail involved in organizing such a large workshop and cruise. Your company is the best!” – Mary Anne and Gary Bergholtz, Freeport, Florida