December 2019

Is 2019 almost over?  No, impossible.  Sometimes with all the things going on we wonder where the year has gone.  We just saw the ball drop on Times Square yesterday and it was January 1st.  Were we that busy that it ran by us like a fast moving train or were we having so much fun that time just flew by?  Maybe a lot of both is the answer, and if so, what an over the top year for Life Journeys.  

The year 2019 has been spectacular for our team, clients and customers alike.  We had some unforgettable moments in places around the world that inspired and transformed our vision of ourselves and others.  One of a kind experiences that transcended the journey itself.  All of this thanks to the most provocative and innovative messages straight from the hearts and minds of leaders such as Esther Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield, Anita Moorjani, James Van Praagh, Collette Baron Reid, John Holland, Haylie Pomroy and others.

These are just some of the friends that we are grateful to have as our partners in these journeys of life that we are so proud to be a part of.  Then there’s the participants, like you, who inspire us to be of service.  To be better at what we do and reach for a higher level of excellence every day.  We learn so much from you, and we are so lucky to have a connection with your individual journeys.  Along with our partners, and you, we are co-creators of the Journeys that enable us to reach a higher level of authenticity, a more meaningful connection to each other and our world at large.  

Whether it be focusing on self-development, nutrition or healing, we are in this together.   We thank the many friends that we have worldwide for coming to the party!

And what a fun party it has been!  Hey, FUN is also the key objective!  The fact that you get to see some of the most amazing places on the planet while being inspired and entertained is no small feat – and how courageous of you to venture into the unknown and see for yourself just how deserving you are.  This year the party took us to 15 countries and 34 cities worldwide.   It was awesome!

That’s a lot of places.  A lot of connections.  A lot of changes.  A lot of dancing.  A lot of learning.  A lot of healing.  A lot of laugher.  A lot of fine wines sipped with a lot of love.  

We are truly grateful.  

Here’s to 2020, a new and exciting decade filled with a promise for new adventures and new beginnings.  Check out all the wonderful event productions that we have planned for you in the near future!  We wish you a New Year filled with Happiness and Joy for you and those you love.   

Happy Holidays to All!