Debbie Ford


Debbie Ford 1955-2013


Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Debbie Ford: Arielle, Brian, Sheila, Michael and her son Beau. Debbie Ford was one of our company’s first clients and after 12 years of working together we became Family. We loved her deeply. We still do.

Debbie would give a great Holiday bash and our entire family always went to embrace an assortment of wonderful people that we would meet and get to know. Debbie was a gatherer. Debbie embraced humanity and, in doing so, created a bond between each and every one of us that knew her. As a company, Life Journeys was honored to create her events at Sea trusting us with her audience, with her person, with her voice, with her gifts. She taught us many things but mostly she taught us how to open up to our own divinity and allow ourselves to be guided by a power greater than ourselves.

For the good times, the dancing (how she loved to dance!), the travels (too many around the world to mention!), the unending witty humor that would crack us up every time, for the ability to be vulnerable and still powerful within yourself, for your Faith: Thank you my friend. You are now free to go on as the divine spirit that you are and create beams of light, gravity and love in ways that we can’t even fathom!

We believe we have another Angel now to guide us, seek divine favor and pray on our behalf. And if I were God, I wouldn’t mess with Debbie.

We are truly grateful. We will never forget you – Thanks Angel.
Ron Oyer, Ibis Kaba, Jorge Kaba and Staff – Life Journeys